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We have painted some of the most well known buildings in the Bethesda MD!

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Commercial services including wallcovering and painting thruoughout Bethesda MD!

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From wall coverings to commercial painting we provide hotels in Bethesda MD with a variety of solutions!


Welcome to A&G Commercial Contractor of Bethesda MD

Commercial painting and wall covering for hotels, schools, and commercial buildings in the greater Bethesda MD metro!  

A&G has been a staple in the DMV for commercial interiors for over 30 years now. There are many options when it comes to interior renovations and the solutions we provide to the hotel industry is particularly unique! We've worked with many hotels in Washington D.C. and neighboring areas, such as Arlington, Fairfax, and Alexandria. We have serving clients such as the Hyatt and Marriott for decades. Our focus has been painting and wall covering and have also expanded our services to include commercial building renovations, such as:


  • Interior hotel, restaurant and office Renovations
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Wall coverings
  • Commercial flooring solutions, including hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet and laminate flooring
  • Exterior power wash solutions
  • Drywall installation and finishing
  • Drop ceiling installation
  • Framing metal/wood
  • Certified mold removal


Who we provide our commercial construction services to in Bethesda MD


Are you looking to update your primary residence? We can help with that also, from home additions to basement finishes, we will transform your Bethesda MD home into an incredible living space!


In our 30 years of experience we have renovated many schools in the DC Metro from preschools to highschool. We have experience with all of the challenges schools can present from safety protocols to permits you can always count on A&G Commercial Contractors!

Top 5 Commercial Construction Services in Bethesda MD

From interior finishes and installation of wall coverings to shop applied finishes in the government rich area of the DMV


Providing High-Quality Commercial Renovations Near Bethesda MD

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Why chose wall covering for Hotel Interiors in Bethesda MD?


Wall coverings gives the hotel a feeling of cleanliness

When you consider hotels, you probably look at reviews. Undoubtedly, you would take note if you saw that one reviewer wrote, “This place is dirty. There is some foul stuff on the walls!”

Wall paper and coverings are a great value to the hotel industry

As a hotel owner or manager, you know you must operate at maximum efficiency. That’s why you try to cut operating costs while still offering guests the best possible experience. It’s a tough balance to achieve.

Hotel wall coverings and wallpaper increases the equity value of your hotel

As a hotel owner or manager, you know you must operate at maximum efficiency. That’s why you try to cut operating costs while still offering guests the best possible experience. It’s a tough balance to achieve.

How to chose the right wall coverings and wallpaper for your hotel

To enjoy all the benefits of wallpaper for commercial interior design, you need to choose the right product. When it comes to shopping for hotel wall coverings, consider your brand’s style, the preferences of your guests, your budget, and the hotel’s layout.



Besides white, what are the top 5 colors for painting hotel walls in Bethesda MD?



  • 1. Pale Blue, along with some shades of white will invoke a feeling of relaxation. Also acompany with some light colors to give a positve vibe!
  • 2. Green Shades, another great color for relaxing but also brings people closer to nature. This brings a positive energetic vibe and works with most hotel rooms .
  • 3. Yellow is another great shade however should not be the main color. It works great as an accent color.
  • 4. Purple, This color works great in luxury hotels. Darker shades usually invoke the feeling of rich and royalty. Include metallic accents to really drive home the luxury power feel important to Bethesda MD!
  • 5. Light orange is another great color, if your looking for a vintage traditional look, as many of the hotels in Bethesda MD are. Overall the variety of paint colors has increased dramatically in the last few years and so has the quality. Do your research and don't settle for the same old thing!